Hearty breakfast to start your day


Breakfast in Athens


Begin your day with a breakfast inspired by Greek tradition with a few gourmet twists.

B Group's team innovates and presents to you the exclusive service of personalized breakfast preparation and delivery to the hotel you are staying, or the place you booked on Airbnb.

The only thing you have to do, is to order the breakfast you desire at the reception from the day before (if you stay in a hotel), or contact our store directly through phone (if you booked a place on Airbnb), and B Group's team will use the most nutritious ingredients to prepare a healthy and hearty breakfast for you to enjoy, in your place.

Nevertheless there is the possibility, if you so desire, to visit our patisserie and enjoy the breakfast we will have prepared just for you at the cosmopolitan, familiar environment of “B Madame”.

A new day full of energy and positive thoughts has just begun for you...

Have your personalized breakfast delivered to your place

Check if your area is covered by our delivery service

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Breakfast in Athens
Begin your day with a breakfast inspired by Greek tradition with a few gourmet twists.
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