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B Group, ever searching for excellent raw ingredients, invests regularly and effectively in the production sector. Therefore we focus either on our own direct agricultural production (vegetables, fruit, honey ect.), or on the lasting and constant cooperation with reliable producers ensuring a large market share to their products.

Main concern of ours is fathoming the freshness and purity of the raw ingredients we use. For us in B Group, exquisite raw ingredients constitute the founding stone of our high level culinary creations.

In more detail, the honey we use in all our recipes and breakfast meals is produced 100% by us. Αdditionally, our honey is available for sale on the locale of patisserie “B Madame”, in an elegant glass package, in order to retain its ingredients unspoiled.

Unquestionably, the oil we use in our recipes is pure, virgin olive oil of our production.

Finally, we obtain most of the strawberries we use from Manolada, Elis, counting on the lasting cooperation with our local producer. Therefore, we create luscious handmade jam knowing the purity and freshness of the fruits we use. Those same, higher quality strawberries are used in all our recipes of confectionery expertise.

We trust our own controlled crops, so you can maintain your trust in us..

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